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  • Machining Shop

    Machining Shop

  • FANUC 4-Axis VMC

    FANUC 4-Axis VMC

  • CNC Lathe

    CNC Lathe

  • Foundry Shop

    Foundry Shop

  • Solidification Process Simulation

    Solidification Process Simulation

  • Direct Reading Spectrograph

    Direct Reading Spectrograph

  • Instant Carbon Equalivent

    Instant Carbon Equivalent Analysis

  • Coordinate Measuring Maching (CMM)

    Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

We are a custom manufacturer of engineering parts
Possessing 90 sets of machine tools and inspecting facilities including 50 CNC lathes, 5 machining centers, spectrometer and coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and sharing two foundries and one forging factory, since 1992 we have been producing various engineering parts and exporting more than 90% of our production (13,800 tons in 2011) to US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Italy, Spain and etc.